Why you should choose to Barbeque for your next gathering

When it comes to deciding what fun activity to do this weekend, you may be spoilt for choice in Singapore. Eating
out at unique foodie destinations, shopping, sightseeing, visiting exhibitions and museums are all beloved activities,
but can get old really fast. Why not stick to the basics, and invite your friends and family over for a good ol’ barbeque
session? There’s nothing quite like having stomachs full of deliciously grilled meat and hearts full of much-needed

First, the food

When it comes to barbeque, the food is the star of the show, front and center. We are all familiar with the barbeque
classics- honey and pepper grilled chicken wings, succulent satay, sambal stingray, smokey otak-otak, and buttery corn
on the cob. We all have great memories of our childhood days when our families used to gather around the pit and
cook delicious food all day long, while we ran around with our cousins and friends, playing, having a swim, and being
carefree and excited about life. Barbeque food is a companion to our fondest memories, and there is nothing like
eating the same food as adults for that nostalgic factor. Not only that, barbeque food is pretty darn delicious!

As compared to simply having a meal out at a nice restaurant, it is way more satisfying to our stomachs and hearts to
be able to cook good food for ourselves and our families, as nothing beats home-cooked food. Take this as a sign to
call for a barbeque party this coming weekend


Preparing for a barbeque is no walk in the park—you certainly have to plan and prep many things before the actual
day itself like procuring the charcoal, booking the pit, pre-seasoning the meat, planning the accompaniments and so
on. While some people may find this too tedious and troublesome to organise for a simple family get-together, there
is something to be appreciated in the process itself.

Preparing for a barbeque, just like the eating aspect of it, has an inherently communal aspect to it. While you can
certainly take on all the responsibility of preparing every single last detail of the party, it would definitely be a heavy
workload and burn you out even before you get to enjoy the party! You might consider calling your auntie for help
with getting the cheese and crackers, or your cousin to get a few bottles of wine, or your best friend to come over
to cut and marinate the meat together with you. This is a simple excuse to call up the loved ones that you may not
be in much contact with for a long time and maintain good relations with your people as well. Add to the fact that
your guests feel invited and are able to enjoy the fruits of their collective labour, you’ve got yourself the best bonding
activity to do with your loved ones.

Good vibes, all around

Think back to the last barbeque party you had—was it to celebrate a friend’s birthday? Was it during a chalet with
your graduating class? Or was it simply a gathering of close friends from university or NS?

Regardless of your reason, barbeques have accompanied and celebrated many of our cherished moments in different
phases of our lives. There is a certain undeniable affection and attachment that we all share towards this activity, as
we recall the great conversations, delicious food, funny antics and anecdotes we shared with those closest to us.

The positive and joyous atmosphere that a BBQ party brings might be the perfect leisure activity for you and your
family and friends to catch-up with each other and reminisce about the good times that you shared. It is certainly a
great way to distress from the hectic lifestyle in Singapore.

No frills

Unlike a meal at a nice but overpriced cafe, or a shopping spree at Orchard Road, there is no airs about having a
BBQ party. You don’t have to dress up or care about looking good when going out. BBQs are meant to be messy an
relaxed, with oil splatters on your shirt and sauce running down your hands with nobody paying any mind to what
they look like. A BBQ is the epitome of casual and relaxed living, and there are many spots around Singapore that
you can book to have that experience. BBQ pits are plenty at East Coast Park and Changi Beach Park, where the
sun, sand and sea all add to the holiday vibes and ambience of your BBQ party. So forget about your next outfit and
don’t worry about the mess, a BBQ is the perfect way for you to let go and let loose with your loved ones.

Cheap and good

A BBQ is also an affordable activity that can be enjoyed by many people at once without having to fork out much
money. BBQs are relatively cheap to organise—the cost mostly comes from buying the charcoal and equipment itself
with many places around Singapore offering reasonably-priced food packages that are also convenient to order and
prepare for the party. Once you have got these settled, there is not much more that you have to spend on as you
usually get quite the bang for your buck. BBQs are also enjoyed by a large number of people, which means more fun
and great conversations, but also lower cost per person, with the added benefit that guests usually bring their own
contributions to the meal such as a dish, drink, dessert or two. This makes for a great experience that many can take
part in and enjoy, without the host or guests having to worry about breaking the bank while doing so.

If all these considerations have not made you decide on having a BBQ this weekend, I don’t know what will. A BBQ is
a great choice for you to spend quality time with your loved ones, and is an awesome alternative to your typical
leisure activities in Singapore. Hope you have fun at your next gathering!

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