8 things to prepare for a barbeque

  1. Planning of ingredients and equipment
    Once you have decided on a date and invited the people you want to your party, it’s time to get your hands dirty to
    prepare for the big day. Although it is a casual and fun day, a lot of preparation needs to be done in order for your
    party to be a success, so start early! Plan what kinds of food you want to be grilled, what equipment you need to
    buy, and where to get what you need from.
    This can involve purchasing of meats and spices to start the marination process a few days prior to the party,
    ordering and delivering of the charcoal needed for the grill to get started, and ensuring you have all the items you
    might need like tongs, cutlery, plates and cups. Or, if you are feeling a little lazy, you can order your BBQ-ready meats
    online to be delivered on the day itself, from sites such as EZBBQ. Just remember to start your preparation early!
  2. Safety
    On the day of the party itself, don’t forget to consider safety! Remember, you are dealing with an extremely hot grill
    with burning charcoal, and there is likely to be many people bustling around, especially children or even pets. Set
    your grill in a well-ventilated area away from potential fire hazards such as dry leaves and low-hanging tree branches,
    in an area that is less congested and away from human traffic. Have a fire extinguisher, or even a bucket of water or
    dry sand ready on hand, in case the fire gets out of control.
  3. Starting the fire
    Now, to get the fire started. If this is your first time organising a barbeque, you might not know how to start a
    proper fire, and when it is ready for the meat to be placed on the grill. You will need items such as fire starters,
    charcoal, matches and something to fan the flames with, such as a paper fan, or, if you are feeling innovative, the lid of
    a large box. Remember, for a fire to start, you need a spark, some fuel and oxygen. Watch the coals to check
    whether the fire is big enough for them to get ashen after the fire has died down. The grill is ready when there are
    no flames left and the charcoal is white-hot.
  4. Cooking the meat
    When the grill is ready, it’s time to get cooking! You would have prepared the cuts of meat that you want grilled
    prior to the barbeque. Place the cuts of meat onto the grill, and be careful not to overcrowd it. You want the heat to
    be applied to all pieces evenly so that the meat is cooked through. Try not to flip the meat too many times to retain
    its juiciness. To check whether the meat is ready, you can use a satay stick or a thin skewer to poke a hole through
    the thickest part of the meat and pull it back out. If it doesn’t come out with red or bloody juices, the meat is done!
  5. Prepare the sides
    A barbeque is not complete without the sides to accompany the meat. Common side dishes that you may consider
    would include macaroni and cheese, salads such as pasta and potato salads, garlic bread, and more. You may even
    choose to grill some vegetables together with the meat, such as buttered corn-on-the-cob and sweet potato! A
    simple way to prepare these would be to brush melted butter onto the vegetables and wrap them up in aluminium
    foil before placing them on the grill. As for the cold dishes and stove-cooked food, remember to prepare them a day
    or two before the party to complete the menu.
  6. Drinks and desserts
    While barbequed meat is delicious, eating too much of it might feel surfeiting or jelak. You might want to cut through
    the grease and oil with some drinks and sweets. If you prefer alcoholic drinks, you can pair your meat with red wine
    or whiskey. White wine goes well with certain types of fish and seafood like lobster. Popular cocktails such as
    margaritas, mojitos and lemonade shandy can be fun additions to your party. As for non-alcoholic drinks, fizzy drinks
    like Coke and Sprite, fruit juices, especially those of citrus fruits such as lemons and limes, and iced teas would help
    you not get sick of eating too much greasy food. To satisfy your sweet tooth afterwards, you may consider things like
    peach crumble, strawberry cupcakes and dark chocolate brownies. Of course, who would forget the classic BBQ
    dessert of toasted marshmallows on a stick? You can even go a step further by preparing graham crackers and
    chocolates to create your own smores!
  7. Fun and games
    One thing that you might not have thought about is the time it takes for the grill to get set up, the food to get
    cooked and for people to finally be able to start eating. It might be an awkwardly long period if your guests are sitting
    around waiting to eat with nothing fun to do. As such, do remember to prepare some pre-BBQ activities and
    appetisers to tide them over. Have some poker cards, board games or a TV show ready to let people enjoy
    themselves while the food gets prepared. Small snacks like chips, or even a charcuterie board can help your guests
    not feel hungry or irritable waiting to eat.
  8. Leftovers
    It is very common for more food to be prepared than necessary during a barbeque. This means that you probably
    have too many leftover meats and dishes that are already cooked for you to store in your own house. To prevent
    food wastage and to spread some joy for your guests, why not pack some of the food for them to bring home?
    Remember to prepare some takeaway boxes for this situation.
    Hope you have a fun time with your friends and family

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